Monday, February 24, 2020

Resources for monitoring the rollout of I-940 reforms

Independent Investigation resources

The Independent Investigative Teams (IITs) that are intended to fulfill the requirements of I-940 will be set up in 15 regions across the state.  If we want to monitor the progress of setting up these IITs, we need to know where they are, and who is staffing them.

  • The current map of these 15 IIT regions is on the google drive HERE

Training resources

The "Basic Law Enforcement Academy" training required for every law enforcement officer in WA State consists of a 720 hour syllabus.  If we want to monitor how training is changing to meet the new requirements of I-940, we should compare the current syllabus to the changed syllabus.

  • The current syllabus (as of Jan 2019) is on the google drive HERE  (from the CJTC website)

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