Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Meeting Thursday July 16, 7-9pm (Zoom)

This Thursday we will be meeting with the Algona PD Chief James Schrimpsher (and possibly one or more Chiefs from other departments in the Valley IIT).  The main topic of discussion will be the Community Reps on the IIT.

As we discussed 2 wks ago, this will be a bit more of a scripted meeting than usual.  
  • Annalesa will lead off with a few comments, and then ask Chief Shrimpsher to speak about his aims for meeting with us.  
  • After that, those of you who volunteered to address one of the issues we  talked about at our last meeting will be asked to speak on behalf of the group.  Brief and clear :)
    • Howard: Confidentiality Form
    • Amy: Training needs
    • Carla: Recruitment process
    •  Neal: Remaining credible with the community  

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