Thursday, June 25, 2020

Meeting 6/25/2020 (Zoom)

NOTE: We are meeting 30 min earlier tonight, so that we can end by 8:30, which is when the Black Collective Facebook Live session (which includes Fred) will be broadcast.


6:30  Welcome to new members (a group of Tacoma attorneys, and the rally they have planned for next Th 7/2)

6:45  Recap of what's happened in the last 2 weeks (will send out a list later this afternoon) (Martina)

7:00 Community rep request for the Valley IIT (Fred)

7:15  Deborah Jacobs from OLEO on elected vs. appointed Sheriff option being considered for King County

Short background points for you to read is on the google drive: 

7:45 Group discussion of Next Steps:  Some ideas to consider, please suggest others
Request list of 30 investigations the AG's office has announced it will review
Continuing to monitor investigations of incidents that will happen in the "gap":  after the 30 that the AG's office is reviewing, but before/if the LETSCA law is changed
Monitoring the AG's review process 
How do we work with the Governor's task force

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